Digital Photography

I prefer B&W images over color. B&W seems to simplify the subject, not in a lesser way but in a way that makes it more important. The values of black and white allow you to explore the natural beauty within the subject without being distracted, or even overwhelmed by color.

To shoot my traditional photographs I use a circa 1910, 5x7 Seneca View Camera. I use paper negatives with the 5x7 back and I customized an 8x10 to 4x5 Deardorff reduction back to fit my Seneca so I can shoot with 4x5 film. I also use Pentax k1000 35mm, a Praktica B100 35mm. I also use homemade Pinhole cameras and a Recesky 35mm toy camera. All negatives and positive prints are developed by me in my darkroom. Aside from traditional positive prints I enjoy developing Lith Prints and positives in film developer for various artistic effects.

To shoot my digital photos I use a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi with a standard EFS 18-55 mm lens, nothing fancy. I usually shoot my photos in RAW color format but I'll sometimes use JPEG. These digital "negatives" are then "developed" on the computer in a virtual darkroom. All the usual darkroom techniques can be done in the virtual darkroom, and more.
My virtual darkroom is more convieniant but not nessicarilly easier; it still takes a lot of work to produce a good photograph. And if your RAW image isn't any good there is no computer program in the world that will change it.

Erick Alayon aka- E'Rock Tattoo